3,2,1, Launch

Placeholder ImageHello everyone,

I wanted to personally take the time out to tell you all about our pre-launch. We are in the development stages of our software, with a functioning prototype. The Axana team is asking that you all support us in launching our software geared towards developing future entrepreneurs.  Times have changed and becoming an entrepreneur seems to be the option for many of us . Job competition has become more fierce, and college expenses continue to rise while income declines.

So more and more people are setting out to create and build companies of their own, or supplement their current income to deal with these tough economic times.  There are many challenges that we face. We at Axana have created LyfeKey a software that provides you with certain tools and resources.  To help you fight back as many mistakes and setbacks as possible, while providing a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to offer advice and possibly mentorship.  To help you build the businesses of your dreams.

Please join our email list and become an early bird on the latest updates, perks, giveaways, and also gain access to our prototype. By supporting our crowdfunding campaign.  Be sure to tell your friends and fellow entrepreneurs about our new personal development tool.

Thank you all in advance for your support and desire to help push the entrepreneur to a new level of success.


Delano Perry,

Vice President/ Co-Founder

Axana LLC

2 thoughts on “3,2,1, Launch

    • Our main focus at the moment is to release the web based version this year. The mobile version will be released at a later date. By joining out email list you will be kept up to date on app development. We will also post all updates on our blog.


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