fly highHow important are your dreams to you? Are you willing to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears to achieve them? Did you know that many of us fail to set goals and a plan to work towards achieving our dreams. It is easy to say that I want a million dollars, or I want to have a nice car and a big home, but the magic lies in the “why.” There will be days when life hits you square in the mouth and everything will come crashing down.  Your reason for wanting that million dollars will have to be the fuel that gets you going again.  Brian Tracy once said  that most of us are either “having a problem, getting over a problem, or headed towards one with the exception of the occasional crisis.”

It is very important that we learn to set goals and create plans to achieve them.  More importantly is that we write them down. One because there is a connection between the mind and the hand, and once you write it down it becomes physical in the minds eye.  Secondly writing it down gives you a reference point to use to look at and determine how far you have come along the way.  Having a properly set goal and plan to achieve them makes the goal partially accomplished.

This is where Axana’s Lyfekey will be of great service, and very useful tool.  Our software comes equipped with a built in goal tracking system and online journal/diary.  It allows you to define your major goals and break them down into SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound). This system will then display you goals in a meter with a numerical percentage of the individual goal’s completion, and also as a percentage of the major goal in a separate meter. Serving as your reference and motivation to attain that dreams that you seek.

This is just one of the many resources that the Lyfekey software provides to assist you with becoming  the best entrepreneur you can be.  Please join our mailing list and check back often for future updates and information about our software.


Delano Perry

Vice President, Axana LLC




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