You’ve Got To See It Before You See It


Over the past few days we have been sharing information on some of the capabilities of our software.  This software is geared totally towards assisting entrepreneurs as much as possible. Not too long ago after watching a video titled “The Secret,” and later reading the book.  Someone shared a story about how they created a collage of all the things that they desired in life. One day a few years later they were looking through some old things and found this collage aka vision board and realized they had obtained all the things that were on their vision board.  If this tool is something that is a key component to the “secret” it is only right we provide this tool also.

Here at Axana we have implemented the ability to create a vision board into our Lyfekey software that allows one to insert pictures, quotes, and other forms of inspiration.  That will be displayed every time you log in.  This goes back to creating the life you desire in your mind’s eye.  It also serves as a form of motivation to keep you pushing forward on your entrepreneurial journey when things get tough.  Many people speak of the success that they have had with vision boards like Oprah, Steve Harvey, and Ellen DeGeneres just to name a few.

This vision board will keep you focused on the goal and your why.  It is completely online, so there’s no need to go out and buy posters, scissors, glue, and start clipping magazines.  You can upload any pictures and designs that you wish.  You can also add text such as quotes, and affirmations.

Please continue to check back often for more information on Axana’s Lyfekey and feel free to join our email list.




Delano, VP



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