365, 1095, 1825

shooting star

Lyfekey is truly one of a kind, and over the last couple days we have shared with you the ability to track your goals and create vision boards.  Another unique and personally my favorite tools is the ability to compose letters.  Now I know you are thinking in your mind what’s so amazing about being able to compose a letter.  Especially when you can write or type a letter in a few minutes in Microsoft Word. I assure you though that this letter is a little more meaningful.

We have integrated the ability to compose letters to your future self.  A letter that details things such as: what you would like to accomplish, what you goal weight will be, what kind of care you drive and house you live in.  You are capable of writing whatever you would like to yourself.  These letters will be stored and saved and you have the option of receiving this letter in one, three, and five year increments.  Via email, or mail format and once you open this letter you will be able to enjoy the moment of knowing that you designed your life a few years prior and completely forgot about it.

You are currently allowed to only compose two letters and this is to avoid constantly changing your mind and not setting a goal and plan to work towards.  This will help with being indecisive and give you a boost of motivation to go out and design your life.  Please take a few minutes to follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lyfekey and return often to our blog for future updates.




Delano Perry




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