We Don’t Make Entrepreneurs. We Make Entrepreneurs Better.


Many of you may know that there are more than enough websites, blogs, and online communities that one could utilize to learn, develop, and grow as entrepreneurs. I personally think that an issue many of use face is that many on these resources are for well established entrepreneurs and top executives. Places where you are sort of expected to already have a strong network and friends in high places, but well all know for the young entrepreneur just getting his or her feet wet. That we can’t just jump on the phone, or email Grant Cardone or John Maxwell and ask for guidance and advice.

What makes Lyfekey different from many of theses resources is that we are building a community of small and medium size entrepreneurs that are right in our local neighborhoods. A place where you can build a relationship with the “millionaire next door” the guy that runs a successful construction company, or the woman who’s built a very successful boutique. People that could be easily accessible and become a potential friend and mentor. This gives us a web of people to learn from that are winning at the game of entrepreneurship, but isn’t on tv or that has 5 gatekeepers to wear down before there expertise and guidance could be of value to you. Maybe I exaggerated on the five gatekeepers, but hopefully you get my point.

Lyfekey is a place for local entrepreneurs where we all can learn from, and motivate each other. A place where we don’t feel so distant and unreachable.

Please check back occasionally for more updates and post. Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lyfekey and support or campaign at https://headtalker.com/?p=62124


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