Word of Mouth

Hey again everyone as we all know one of oldest and best forms of advertising is word of mouth. Provide good products and service and people will tell the world about, but provide not so good service and products and they will still do the same. Word travels fast in spite of all the fancy messaging and social platforms we have at our disposal. In fact people will just use these fancy platforms to spread the word to there hundreds, thousands, and for some millions even faster.

Axana recently launched a crowd funding campaign and we would appreciate it if you all would help spread the word. Kickbooster is a marketing platform that pays those who help spread the word for projects such as our Lyfekey software. Ten percent of everything Axana raises to fund our Lyfekey software goes back to “you,” for helping us spread the word.

So once again keep checking back for more updates and post and also feel free to support our crowd funding campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1531544417/lyfekey-entrepreneur-development-software/rewards
Or help us spread the word at https://lyfekey.kickbooster.me/


Delano Perry
VP Axana LLC

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