Axana LLC is a North Carolina based online personal development company. Founded on the philosophy that the entrepreneur will lead the American economy into the future, by creating new jobs, innovative technologies, and by providing unique products and services. But as we all know the road to success as an entrepreneur can be a rough and lonely journey.

This is where the LyfeKey software kicks in. A software created by Axana LLC and Syberry Corporation to serve as a tool and valuable resource for the entrepreneur. It is an online based community. Loaded with tons of resources such as: vision boards, cloud based goal tracking, cloud based journals, and the ability to write letters to your future self. There are also podcast, interviews, and blogs from fellow entrepreneurs to serve as inspiration and guidance.

Here at Axana we know that the trials and tribulations many entrepreneurs face seem to have even more magnitude when you face them alone. So our mission is to ensure you that you will have tools and a community of mentors and friends to aid you as you embark on your journey towards being a successful entrepreneur.