Word of Mouth

Hey again everyone as we all know one of oldest and best forms of advertising is word of mouth. Provide good products and service and people will tell the world about, but provide not so good service and products and they will still do the same. Word travels fast in spite of all the fancy messaging and social platforms we have at our disposal. In fact people will just use these fancy platforms to spread the word to there hundreds, thousands, and for some millions even faster.

Axana recently launched a crowd funding campaign and we would appreciate it if you all would help spread the word. Kickbooster is a marketing platform that pays those who help spread the word for projects such as our Lyfekey software. Ten percent of everything Axana raises to fund our Lyfekey software goes back to “you,” for helping us spread the word.

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Delano Perry
VP Axana LLC

We Don’t Make Entrepreneurs. We Make Entrepreneurs Better.


Many of you may know that there are more than enough websites, blogs, and online communities that one could utilize to learn, develop, and grow as entrepreneurs. I personally think that an issue many of use face is that many on these resources are for well established entrepreneurs and top executives. Places where you are sort of expected to already have a strong network and friends in high places, but well all know for the young entrepreneur just getting his or her feet wet. That we can’t just jump on the phone, or email Grant Cardone or John Maxwell and ask for guidance and advice.

What makes Lyfekey different from many of theses resources is that we are building a community of small and medium size entrepreneurs that are right in our local neighborhoods. A place where you can build a relationship with the “millionaire next door” the guy that runs a successful construction company, or the woman who’s built a very successful boutique. People that could be easily accessible and become a potential friend and mentor. This gives us a web of people to learn from that are winning at the game of entrepreneurship, but isn’t on tv or that has 5 gatekeepers to wear down before there expertise and guidance could be of value to you. Maybe I exaggerated on the five gatekeepers, but hopefully you get my point.

Lyfekey is a place for local entrepreneurs where we all can learn from, and motivate each other. A place where we don’t feel so distant and unreachable.

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A Moment In Time

boothNot too long ago I shared how our software would allow you to write and plan out you future goals.  What I didn’t mention was that there is also another cool feature that comes along with the goal tracking capabilities.  When you set and ACCOMPLISH your goals, because you should do what it takes to accomplish them.  This goals will be logged and stored in a timeline that allows you to go back and look at all the goals that you accomplished over a certain time period.  This feature was added to provide a look and the past, so that it may be inspiration for the future.

If any of you had history classes in school as I did.  Timelines were some of the best references teachers would you to show historical events such as turning points in wars, or significant events in history.  The timeline sort of serves as a measuring stick to show how far you have come and how much further you have to go. This way you stay on track and keep you visison set on the why and not the how of goals accomplishment.

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Delano Perry



365, 1095, 1825

shooting star

Lyfekey is truly one of a kind, and over the last couple days we have shared with you the ability to track your goals and create vision boards.  Another unique and personally my favorite tools is the ability to compose letters.  Now I know you are thinking in your mind what’s so amazing about being able to compose a letter.  Especially when you can write or type a letter in a few minutes in Microsoft Word. I assure you though that this letter is a little more meaningful.

We have integrated the ability to compose letters to your future self.  A letter that details things such as: what you would like to accomplish, what you goal weight will be, what kind of care you drive and house you live in.  You are capable of writing whatever you would like to yourself.  These letters will be stored and saved and you have the option of receiving this letter in one, three, and five year increments.  Via email, or mail format and once you open this letter you will be able to enjoy the moment of knowing that you designed your life a few years prior and completely forgot about it.

You are currently allowed to only compose two letters and this is to avoid constantly changing your mind and not setting a goal and plan to work towards.  This will help with being indecisive and give you a boost of motivation to go out and design your life.  Please take a few minutes to follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lyfekey and return often to our blog for future updates.




Delano Perry




You’ve Got To See It Before You See It


Over the past few days we have been sharing information on some of the capabilities of our software.  This software is geared totally towards assisting entrepreneurs as much as possible. Not too long ago after watching a video titled “The Secret,” and later reading the book.  Someone shared a story about how they created a collage of all the things that they desired in life. One day a few years later they were looking through some old things and found this collage aka vision board and realized they had obtained all the things that were on their vision board.  If this tool is something that is a key component to the “secret” it is only right we provide this tool also.

Here at Axana we have implemented the ability to create a vision board into our Lyfekey software that allows one to insert pictures, quotes, and other forms of inspiration.  That will be displayed every time you log in.  This goes back to creating the life you desire in your mind’s eye.  It also serves as a form of motivation to keep you pushing forward on your entrepreneurial journey when things get tough.  Many people speak of the success that they have had with vision boards like Oprah, Steve Harvey, and Ellen DeGeneres just to name a few.

This vision board will keep you focused on the goal and your why.  It is completely online, so there’s no need to go out and buy posters, scissors, glue, and start clipping magazines.  You can upload any pictures and designs that you wish.  You can also add text such as quotes, and affirmations.

Please continue to check back often for more information on Axana’s Lyfekey and feel free to join our email list.




Delano, VP




fly highHow important are your dreams to you? Are you willing to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears to achieve them? Did you know that many of us fail to set goals and a plan to work towards achieving our dreams. It is easy to say that I want a million dollars, or I want to have a nice car and a big home, but the magic lies in the “why.” There will be days when life hits you square in the mouth and everything will come crashing down.  Your reason for wanting that million dollars will have to be the fuel that gets you going again.  Brian Tracy once said  that most of us are either “having a problem, getting over a problem, or headed towards one with the exception of the occasional crisis.”

It is very important that we learn to set goals and create plans to achieve them.  More importantly is that we write them down. One because there is a connection between the mind and the hand, and once you write it down it becomes physical in the minds eye.  Secondly writing it down gives you a reference point to use to look at and determine how far you have come along the way.  Having a properly set goal and plan to achieve them makes the goal partially accomplished.

This is where Axana’s Lyfekey will be of great service, and very useful tool.  Our software comes equipped with a built in goal tracking system and online journal/diary.  It allows you to define your major goals and break them down into SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound). This system will then display you goals in a meter with a numerical percentage of the individual goal’s completion, and also as a percentage of the major goal in a separate meter. Serving as your reference and motivation to attain that dreams that you seek.

This is just one of the many resources that the Lyfekey software provides to assist you with becoming  the best entrepreneur you can be.  Please join our mailing list and check back often for future updates and information about our software.


Delano Perry

Vice President, Axana LLC




3,2,1, Launch

Placeholder ImageHello everyone,

I wanted to personally take the time out to tell you all about our pre-launch. We are in the development stages of our software, with a functioning prototype. The Axana team is asking that you all support us in launching our software geared towards developing future entrepreneurs.  Times have changed and becoming an entrepreneur seems to be the option for many of us . Job competition has become more fierce, and college expenses continue to rise while income declines.

So more and more people are setting out to create and build companies of their own, or supplement their current income to deal with these tough economic times.  There are many challenges that we face. We at Axana have created LyfeKey a software that provides you with certain tools and resources.  To help you fight back as many mistakes and setbacks as possible, while providing a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to offer advice and possibly mentorship.  To help you build the businesses of your dreams.

Please join our email list and become an early bird on the latest updates, perks, giveaways, and also gain access to our prototype. By supporting our crowdfunding campaign.  Be sure to tell your friends and fellow entrepreneurs about our new personal development tool.

Thank you all in advance for your support and desire to help push the entrepreneur to a new level of success.


Delano Perry,

Vice President/ Co-Founder

Axana LLC